Key Actions

Stake Holder:

The CCETS Stakeholders are people who want to use, work on or benefit from this trail system.

Example, Local Horse Clubs, Trail riding enthusiast, Land Managers, elected officials etc.

Land Managers:

This includes private land owners, Town Government Managers, County Government Managers and State Managers. (Land Mangers hold all final say on what is acceptable)


a. )Maintenance of all trails is critical. Maintenance falls into actions of daily (Carry in Carry out), safety related (ability to respond and clear widow makers fill sink holes or clear blow downs). Annual Maintenance which includes a walkthrough of all trails and cleans or clear as needed.

b.)Each Trail User must be sensitive to the authority of the Land Managers and behave as a guest enjoying the trail system while being respectful to the Land Managers by keeping the trails clean and by staying on the designated trails.

c.) Safety: Safety concerns and actions should be a top priority for you and others using the trail system. Therefore you should sign into the kiosk at the trail head start with your names and quantity of people in your group. Do not ride or place yourself or horse in a high risk situation. Emergency Services will respond to GPS points if needed, therefore you are responsible to have this ability.

d.) Parking: There is several parking areas located at different start points around the trail system. Please park to allow enough space for you and your horses to be safe. However be considerate to leave others the same options. Clean up your area upon leaving the parking area.

e.) Volunteer: Our Volunteers are not paid and we ask that you respect what they may be doing out on the trail system. Please consider becoming a Volunteer, this will keep you informed of trail activities and you will uncover the fun you have been seeking.